Thank you for completing the self-assessment. A health care provider’s evaluation and supervision is sometimes required for ProLon depending on an individual’s health situation. Your self-assessment indicates that consultation with a health care provider is necessary to assess whether ProLon is right for you.

There are 2 options to seek health care provider authorization:

Please discuss your medical history and desire to use Prolon with your own health care provider. Click here to access information you can share with them.

Your health care provider will need to register on and obtain his or her registration code for an order to be placed. Once you have their agreement that Prolon is right for you and their provider registration code, please visit this page:

Although we recommend you visit a health care provider in their office, if you prefer to consult using our free telemedicine doctor service, please click here. You can request that a telemedicine doctor contact you to determine if ProLon is appropriate for you and purchase ProLon directly from that doctor.